Top 10 reasons to join AGLOCO now!

Ok, since people reading blogs apparently love lists, I thought it's about time I jumped on the band wagon and provided a list of the top reasons why you should join up to AGLOCO. Seat belts on, ready?

1. It's free! Yup, joining AGLOCO will cost you nothing, and you stand to make a little extra cash from it. So really, you'll be getting something for nothing!

2. AGLOCO is simple, you'll earn money from surfing the web.

3. AGLOCO will not flood your inbox with SPAM! Since I've signed up I have not received any more unsolicited mail than prior to joining.

4. AGLOCO will not fill your PC with spy ware.

5. The registration process is quick and simple. It won't take you any more than 60 seconds.

6. It gives you something to do in your spare time.

7. AGLOCO rolls off the tongue.

8. It makes more sense than the third series of 'Lost'.

9. John Chow is into it, so it is destined to make money!
10. If someone is going to make money from the internet, it may as well be you! So quit reading this and join up now! Did I mention that it's free?

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