The Viewbar is here!

That's right, the day the doubters thought would never come has finally arrived. The AGLOCO viewbar is here and ready to download!

Demand for the Viewbar is high, but remember, only download the viewbar from the official AGLOCO site.

Here's some words from the AGLOCO blog:

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE VIEWBAR FROM ANY SITE OTHER THAN THE AGLOCO.COM MEMBER AREA! If you download the file from anywhere else, including file sharing sites, or elsewhere, you cannot be assured of getting a legitimate and trustworthy file. Redistributing the Viewbar file is a violation of the Viewbar Terms of Service. If you obtain the file from anywhere other than the AGLOCO.COM website you risk virus infection and threats to your privacy.
So there you have it, get on board and started earning with AGLOCO now!