John Chow creates impressive results

He's known as the root of all evil, and as of writing this, John Chow has built an 8,000 strong AGLOCO network! He's quite a formidable force.

John Chow has quickly developed his own niche of rabid followers who check in daily to read through his latest tips on how to make money online. His latest initiative aims to improve his web cred ranking. He has offered readers the opportunity to review his blog in return for a free link back. Such a simple idea your probably kicking yourself for not thinking of it first!

In a relatively short time span, John Chow has built his blog into a nice little side earner. In the month of February alone, John Chow dot com generated $7,011.05. That's a fairly impressive sum for a blog. At that rate he stands to make $84,132.60 from his blog per annum. That's the sort of money that would have you consider quitting your day job!

John is actually the reason I started with AGLOCO in the first place. Yup, I joined up to AGLOCO and can be counted as one of the 8,000 people in his network. His 8,000 AGLOCO sign ups post makes for some interesting food for thought.

What did he do to increase his signups from 7,000 to 8,000?

Except for making a blog update at 7,000 sign ups, I did absolutely nothing! This is the beauty of system like AGLOCO. My network has grown beyond me. I cannot stop it even if I wanted to.
John Chow is a guy that's racking up some pretty impressive numbers. He is also a guy that is actively pushing AGLOCO. I think that alone speaks volumes.

If your interested in joining the program, visit AGLOCO now.

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